Karma Is A Bitch


I don’t understand why some people aren’t okay with sitting at home doing nothing like why do you need to be with your friends constantly don’t you ever want time to yourself jesus christ


Cinematic masterpiece tbqh


This is my favorite scene of Bob’s Burgers ever.

[1/?] favorite movies list: Mr. Nobody (2009)
“At my age the candles cost more than the cake. I’m not afraid of dying. I’m afraid I haven’t been alive enough. It should be written on every school room blackboard: Life is a playground - or nothing.”


I just finished to watch Mr. Nobody and I just LOVED it. Since i saw Requiem for a Dream I reconsidered Jared Leto as an actor, and I have to say that I just adore him now. Mr Nobody is just an amazing movie about choices, life and destiny. If you never saw it, you absolutely have to watch it asap!


Brand New- Moshi Moshi (x)


Brand New- Moshi Moshi (x)


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Brand New - Moshi Moshi
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are you thinking of me when you’re putting on your makeup, darling,
and dying your hair like you do 

well you’re wasting time if you’re trying to impress me 
I waste all my time just thinking of you